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One-to-One Tuition in Dundee & NE Fife

Tutor/former teacher with 27 years experience

Hello, my name is Stephen Hogg and I am a tutor/former teacher with 27 years of experience, offering additional help with mathematics, chemistry and physics in the form of personal tuition.

If you or your child are experiencing difficulty with school, or are preparing for an important exam, or just want to get the best possible grade, then I can offer expert support.

As an experienced tutor, I offer a fully comprehensive tuition service. With a friendly and personalised approach and flexible hours, I accommodate students of all ages and abilities. 

Stephen Hogg Tutoring in Dundee
Stephen Hogg - mathematics, chemistry and physics tutor
What I Offer
  • Experience, skill and expert knowledge

  • A friendly and professional service

  • Tuition for primary and secondary levels

  • Flexible times to suit you

  • No cancellation fees

  • Home visits

  • Provision of resources, including past papers

Primary and Secondary School
  • Curriculum for Excellence

  • National 4

  • National 5

  • Higher

What You Can Achieve Through Personal Tuition

My goal in working with a student is to create a ‘virtuous learning circle’ – to develop the student’s ability to learn.  I see this as a threefold process.

Firstly, I identify any weaknesses or gaps in my student’s knowledge.  We work together to remedy these, and thereby, to improve your confidence and understanding at the most basic level.  The result of this is that you gain more from your time spent in class and from your private study.

Secondly, we focus on learning strategies.  Practicing and mastering certain key skills makes it possible to become a much more effective learner.  This improves your potential to learn.  Regularly my students report that they are learning better across the whole curriculum.

Thirdly, my goal is to ensure that the student gains a thorough understanding of the subject we are studying together.  Real learning comes not from memorisation but from being able to apply general principles to many different cases.  Ultimately, this means practicing and mastering the kind of problem solving exemplified in past papers.

Colour coding mathematics to identify key features
The 7 question of mathematics
The 7 key questions in mathematics

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